Our residential services / products each have very specific and functional uses. With the right service and product installed correctly your project truly has limitless potential. From sandboxes to pathways we have a sand or gravel product that fits your needs and would be happy to install it for you. Wondering which product is right for you? Click the links below to learn more about each of your products or give us a call at 613-821-4475, complete our online form or email us at Note: Our sand and gravel products come in multiple choices for multiple uses.


Product List

Sand Fill$11.00 MT
Hydro Sand$15.00 MT
Course Septic Sand {t6-8}$18.00 MT
Red Sand$14.00 MT
Granular C Sand$12.00 MT
4” Crushed Pit Run$12.00 MT
4” Crushed Gravel$15.00 MT
1” River rock                        $30.00 MT
2-3” River rock$30.00 MT
4-8″ River rock$20.00 MT
3/4” Granular “A” Limestone$22.00 MT
4” Granular “B” Limestone$22.00 MT
Stonedust$22.00 MT
3/4” Clear Limestone$27.00 MT
Regular Screened Topsoil$22.00 cu yd
Garden Soil$28.00 cu yd
Golf Course Mix$20.00 cu yd
Peat Moss Natural Screened$40.00 cu yd

Terms & Conditions

Minimum $50.00 on all orders.
HST applicable to all orders.
Volume discounts available.
Credit accounts may be opened on a 30 day notice upon approval.                                        
Winter Rates add $ 2.00 per MT